Water Closet Media Is

Unavoidable indoor restroom advertising

As much as 95% audience engagement

Nearly 100% positive impressions

Pinpointed audience segmentation in social venues

Ads that prompt up to 75% of the audience to act on the message

Ad recall for up to 80% of audience

22x more effective than traditional print advertising

A fraction of the cost of traditional “out of home” advertising

Based in Portland, Oregon, Water Closet Media has been bringing advertisers indoors since 1993 via targeted Restroom and Indoor Advertising.

We lead the way in grabbing the attention of a highly social audience at restaurants, night spots, sports bars, health clubs and arenas. Water Closet Media targets the highest trafficked venues in Portland, the Willamette Valley, SW Washington, and Nationwide through our affiliate network.

Water Closet Media is a cost-effective complement to any media mix with gender, demographic and geographic specific targeting, Our clients testify that restroom advertising is an uncluttered medium that targets a hard to reach audience, generates sustained awareness, and is pure “social media”.

Water Closet Media demands the undivided attention of a captive audience.



Portland, Oregon